Minggu, 04 November 2007

South America Holidays - Brazil Holidays

The largest country in Latin America and in fact the fifth largest in the world, Brazil was named by the Portuguese settlers after pau-brasil (Brazil wood), which was a hugely important commodity due to the red dye that was extracted from it.
Today, Brazilian culture and spirit is forged from its unique blend of European, African and indigenous people. This has resulted in a truly Brazilian ethos on life and an excellent fusion of food and drink from around the world. Brazil has many areas well worthy of exploration and an ideal starting place must be the marvellous city of Rio de Janeiro, overlooked by Christ the Redeemer since 1931. Brazil also shares the glory of IguaƧu Falls with Argentina. The power and beauty of these waterfalls are immense to say the least and are an unforgettable experience. The Amazon river curls through northern Brazil on its way to the Atlantic and a stay in the Amazon rainforest region can be extremely rewarding with its array of unique animal and plant life.
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