Minggu, 04 November 2007

Latin America

Latin America is as diverse as it is vast, stretching from the arid deserts of Northern Mexico to the unspoilt southern Patagonia region of Chile
Titan's ever-growing portfolio of holidays to Latin America gives you the opportunity to see the New World for yourself with its myriad of natural, cultural, historical, and architectural attractions. From the condor of the mighty Andes mountain range and the piranha of the sinuous Amazon River to the unique wildlife contained on the Archipelago of the Galapagos and the glorious glaciers of the Beagle Channel, Latin America never fails to impress.

Latin America epitomises a true melting pot of cultures. The indigenous people, many descended from powerful ancient empires grasp both the old and the new ways of life and intermingled with this, the European settler and the legacy of the Spanish and Portuguese conquests; the result is a truly cosmopolitan society.

No empire, except the ancient Egyptians, has left us such treasures as the Incas and their mountaintop ruins at Machu Picchu and the Mayans with vast temples at Chichen Itza and Palenque. It is hard to believe the massive scale of these empires and how they could collapse and be forgotten, only to be re-discovered and explored in the last hundred years. Now ripe for exploration - let us be your host on a journey of discovery to beautiful Latin America.

source by www.titanhitours.co.uk
source by www.titanhitours.co.uk

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