Minggu, 04 November 2007


Until 30 years ago only the most adventurous of explorers set foot on this vast continent of snow, ice and unquestionable beauty. Once the ultimate survival challenge as the highest, coldest and windiest continent in the world, today Antarctica is an intellectual challenge to the scientists who inhabit it and presents a wilderness like no other to the modern visitor.Awe-inspiring landscapes, dazzling starlit skies and clean crisp air are certainly part of Antarctica's attraction but the wildlife will also captivate you; chinstrap and gentoo penguins gather on rocky beaches, whilst leopard and elephant seals and humpback, minke and killer whales can be seen amongst the immense ice-bergs. Whilst the perception is often of an uncomfortably cold environment, travelling in the summer months of December to February to the Antarctic Peninsula means temperatures similar to those of a UK winter. A visit to Antarctica presents much more than just a holiday; it is a journey of discovery, enlightenment and life-long memories.

source by www.titanhitours.co.uk

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