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The Dali Scenic Region lies in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture located in the northwest of Yunnan Province. Yunnan is made up of one municipality and eleven counties. Dali covers a total area of 11,380 square miles with a total population of 3,063,000, of which minority nationalities make up 1,553,000. The Bai people make up 33.2 percent of the total population and the Yi, Hui, Naxi, Miao and
ther minority nationalities account for a total of 16 percent.

Dali is the major region where the Bais live in compact communities. The capital of the Prefecture, Dali Municipality, is 247 miles away from Kunming. It is located at the center of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, surrounded by beautiful mountains and crystal-clear lakes. Within and around the city, there are many relics and places of historical interest. It was the political, economical and cultural center for 500 years during the Tang and Song Dynasties. The annual average temperature is 59 degree Fahrenheit. The climate is pleasantly spring-like all the year round. The beautiful scenery, varied traditions and the culture of minority nationalities make Dali a well-known place of interest.
source by www.cnto.org

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