Jumat, 09 November 2007


Dalian, located at the southern tip of the Liaodong Peninsula, is an important port and industrial and tourist city. Dalian has a long coastline. Dalian covers an area of 4,826 square miles with a population of 5,370,000. It has a pleasant climate with clearly demarcated seasons. Cool summers and warm winters make the city an ideal holiday resort. Dalian abounds with natural resources. It is an important base of fruit and water production in China. Dalian is also known as the "home of track and fields" and the famous "soccer city." The port has many factories, which produce handicrafts such as glassware and shell mosaics. The flourishing coastal city of Dalian is the major port for this northeastern province and is a magnet for foreign investors. Every year, Dalian attracts many regular international events and activities such as the Chinese Scholar Tree, International Fashion Festival, Export Commodity Fair, and International Marathon Competition.

source by www.cnto.org

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