Minggu, 04 November 2007


A testament to nature's beauty and power; a country of startling contrasts from the salt deserts of the north to the south's spectacular glaciers and lakes. Sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean to the west and the mighty Andes to the east, this uniquely shaped country never exceeds 150 miles in width and its dramatic forests, deep ravines and snow-capped volcanoes support a wealth of flora, fauna and wildlife.
Its capital Santiago is a bustling, vibrant metropolis and is a fascinating city to explore with its wonderful museums and intriguing architecture. It is also an ideal place to sample the hearty Chilean cuisine and of course, their excellent wines. Further south is the city of Puerto Montt with its middle-European architecture and is also the gateway to the stunning Lakes District. Punta Arenas is the country's southernmost city and is located in one of Chile's most famous parts, Chilean Patagonia. This region, which leads to lands end at Cape Horn, is a dazzling explosion of icebergs, fjords, islands and mountains and is truly breathtaking.
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