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The city of Chengde is approximately 143 miles from Beijing. In addition to being one of the first ancient cities to be recorded by the government, it is also one of the ten esteemed national-class scenic spots. There are many places of interest in and around Chengde, such as the magnificent Mountain Resort and the Eight Outer Monasteries. Chengde has convenient transportation, and easily accessible by either train or long-distance bus. Tourist trains and regular buses shuttle between Chengde and Beijing on a daily basis.Also named the Temporary Imperial Dwelling Palace in Rehe, the Mountain Resort was built during the reigns of Emperors Kang Xi and Qian Long of the Qing Dynasty in 1703. The Qing Dynasty was the last feudal Chinese dynasty in existence and this palace served as the second political center of the Qing imperial court. The entire construction took place over a period of 90 years. It covers an area of approximately 1400 acres, double the size of the Summer Palace and eight times that of Beihai Park in Beijing. The estate has a total of 120 ancient buildings, including many pavilions, towers, and temples. Geographically, the Mountain Resort can be divided into two parts: the palace and the gardens. In the southern part of the Mountain Resort are the palace buildings where the Qing emperors lived. The emperors of the early Qing Dynasty often spent their summers at the Mountain Resort, conducting state affairs and engaging in political activities. In 1994, UNESCO listed the Mountain Resort and its surrounding temples as a World Cultural Heritage Site

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