Senin, 06 Agustus 2007

What's So Amazing About Bali

Why is it that so many people end up going back there time after time?
Well, I guess if you asked them, you'd get a whole variety of answers, but it is a special place and I'll run through some of the reasons why I love it and have been back there over 20 times and why I can't wait to get back there again.
The Swimming Pools… There's something indulgent about lounging around a lagoon shaped swimming pool, or sitting at the sunken pool bar with a cool breeze blowing through the coconut palms and the sun shining on a hot balmy afternoon.
The Culture… The Balinese have a colourful culture. They're friendly people with lovely smiles who like to live a life of peace and harmony. Their ceremonies, music and art are unique to Bali. You won't find a more interesting place!
The Scenery… Out of this world! From terraced rice paddies to the sandy palm-fringed beach disappearing off into the ocean mist. So many photo opportunities.
The Heat… I love the tropical climate and when I'm up there, knowing it's winter and cold and raining back in New Zealand, it's priceless.
The Shopping… Bali's such a great place for shopping and eating. Even an average kiwi can holiday like a king over there. Tailor made leather jackets, clothes, wooden carvings and just about everything locally made is dirt cheap compared to New Zealand prices.
The Beaches… Even in the hottest days in New Zealand, it's still nippy getting in. Over there it's not.
The Smells… Maybe it's the sweet aroma of Gudang Garam clove cigarettes or the frangipani fragrance that fills the air or the smell of incense sticks burning as an offering to their gods. I don't know what it is, but it's definitely Bali and its exotic composition gets me every timeThe Hotels… The infinity edged pools, the thatch roof bungalows and the extensive use of sand stone make some of Bali's top end resorts some of the best in the world and I love staying there or just having a look at an architectural work of art.
The Food… I can eat the most delicious cuisine from all over the world in the finest of restaurants for a fraction of the price that it is in New Zealand. Fresh fruit is cheap - a chance to indulge in paw paw, mango, pineapple and fresh coconut milk.
And I could go on. For some, it's the Kuta atmosphere and nightlife. For surfers, it's the waves. For golfers, the perfectly manicured golf courses.

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