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Mbah Bungkul Grave is resided in Progo Street and bent of Raya Darmo Street. According to GH Von Faber, that Bungkul funeral Complex had there since Hindu era. The Grave arch and fence are show Java Hindu architecture style at Majapahit era. In that area, there is a real altar that has sacred. Mortal remains ash of Kertanegara’s soldiers, who had die in war in 1270, is also put down on the ground. Around year of 1930, the Graves were resided far before Islam step into Java Island.

comBungkul Park is one of open green scope and pledge culture artifact. The existence of Bungkul Park that encircled by few trees and green grass that has green in the middle of the city, have big benefit, good for nature area and also social environment in vicinity. Open green scope (Ruang Terbuka Hijau - RTH) is the city lung which able to reduce air pollution and become rainwater diffuser.
Since Dutch colonial era, the existence of Bungkul Park defended by the government of town. The location of Bungkul Park that resides in the middle of Dutch real estate can be meant as a resFrom the consideration of history aspect of Bungkul Park, initially this garden has woke up because the existence of history figure such as; Cambodia Queen Mausoleum, Queen Campa, Tumenggung Jayengrono, and Ki Ageng Supo or Empu Supo. Last figure is public / religious figure during Majapahit empire (XV century), who also the parent in law of Raden Rahmat or Sunan Ampel (Kompass, 27/4/ 2002). Because of good relation with Ki Supo, Sunan Ampel efforts to propagated Islam become more success. Ki Supo get titled as Sunan Bungkul or Mbah Bungkul. Mbah Bungkul might be can categorize as local religious man, a historian concept of UGM historian, Sartono Kartodirdjo to call Islamizes figure local storey. His existence is parallel with Syeh Abdul Muhyi (Tasikmalaya), Sunan Geseng (Magelang), Sunan Tembayat (Klaten), Ki Ageng Gribig (Klaten), Sunan Panggung (Tegal), Sunan Prapen (Gresik), and other local religious man.
pect of the scorpion urban planning planners at that time. Affluence of Darmo area Boulevard does not cause the loss of the grave and Bungkul Park, even this green area has named Boengkoel Park.Precisely in west side if the Grave, there is a piece of open farm which commonly use for various event of Surabaya publics, like sport, artistry, campaign and others. The crowded around Mbah Bungkul grave area colored by the food and beverage merchants. Solvent few big trees are supplying the oxygen for the town and create calm situation around area.

Therefore, Bungkul Park is expected will be built become ideal city park. Where whosoever is freely enjoy the balmy and calm situation without permanent building. There's only fresh green grass where we can sit accompanied by pigeon bird, which fly away and chirp voice of various bird types.

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