Kamis, 09 Agustus 2007

Monument of Bambu Runcing

It is built to Panglima Sudirman Street, which is the main road with solid traffic. Bambo Runcing is Surabaya city icon besides the Heroes Monument. Tourist with small and big vehicle can park around the park eastside the road. In edge of Embong Ploso Street become the meeting there is garden that is enough calm so that many exploited by the motorcyclists for take a rest for a moment release fatigue.

Monument of Bambo Runcing is built in memorize of Surabaya People (arek-arek Suroboyo) spirit martially fight against colonist with patch up weapon although only with a slice bamboo which its back part is tapered. Date of 10 Novembers 1945 is struggle bollard of Indonesia People causing specified as Heroes Day.

This monument consisted of 5 pillars and its high concrete pillar not uniform; it is formed to look like sharp-pointed bamboo. The height of highest sharp-pointed bamboo is estimated some meters. At the time of certain, water pump is implemented so that water will go out from each bamboo hole. Various colorful ornamental plants encircle this monument so that seen calm and fresh.
After completed visiting Bambu Runcing monument, the tourist can continuing to Zoo Surabaya, besides see the collection of animal it is also place which suited for releasing fatigue because it has shaded by big trees. Or for continuing planning tourist event of expense hence Tunjungan Plaza and Surabaya Plaza is shopping mall closest and complete because it calm and has many counters and products that have market immeasurable.

Kayoon Street as the center sale of ornamental plant either leaf and also flower is place of making a correct trip alternative for somebody who has some hobbies especially mothers and the girls. Start orchid until aglaonema is arranged nattily disturb the eye to near.


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