Rabu, 08 Agustus 2007

Batu City

Batu has the mountain resort much like Bedugul of Bali. Batu city is located in 800 meters above sea level, with cold temperature 17-25,6 degree of Celsius, it do not make the public realize about the nature potency. The potency can see from the agro product properties, fruit, and vegetable, and mountain panorama and hilly. Batu has explored its effort to show its tourism nature potency. The alternative that had done is warm pool Cangar, have corrected and renovated.

Jatim (East Java) Park
East Java Park may have said as tourism object that different in East Java province, because besides offering to tourist to have recreation and for learnt, because we will get new knowledge besides entertainment amusement. This thing can be seen from various facilities being provided by East Java Park, there are at least 36 kinds of facilities which able to be enjoyed visitor. Before enjoying all supporting facilities for entertainment amusement, at the time of beginning of location admission will give scenery of 'Galeri Nusantara'. Then stepped into 'Taman Sejarah' is a containing miniature temple in East Java like Sumberawan temple (Singosari- Malang regency), customhouse Kiai Hasan Besari Ponorogo and Sumberawan Statue.

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