Kamis, 01 November 2007

The Romance of the 'Golden Triangle'

There are so many wonders in the area south of Delhi known as ’the Golden Triangle’; in this area is the sublime, world famous Mahal, the old ghost city of Fatehpur Sikri, and the exotic pink city of Jaipur in Rajasthan. Agra can be visited first, as it is only 200 kilometres south of Delhi, Weep at the beauty of the Taj where love created the world’s most beautiful building, and spend a day wandering around the huge and truly magnificent Red Fort. Here the romantic emperor who built the Taj was imprisoned by his own son, and one can sit in the room where he died looking at his own masterpiece. The road from here leads to Fatehpur Sikri. The glorious Moghul courtyards and palaces conjure up dreams of the mysterious wonders of the past - a golden age of tragedy and love, the harem of beautiful wives enclosed in the women’s quarters, of powerful emperors, of magical prophesies and potent charms. Southeast of Delhi, in the state of Madhya Pradesh, are the sculptured temples of Khajuraho where enormous friezes of entwined human figures practise the ’arts of love’. Nowhere else in the world is mankind’s sensual nature celebrated in such intriguing and graceful tableaux. By now one will understand a tiny part of India, but even this will not prepare the traveller for the exotix fantasy of the State of Rajasthan. The region was controlled for thousands of years by a warrior race of honour and valour who would fight to certain death to protect their homeland, and the landscape is dotted with their impressive battle-scarred forts. A proud and beautiful people in their many-coloured garments will extend a warm welcome in this powerful land of kings. Nowadays, anyone can be a king or queen for a while by staying in a fairy-tale palace on one of the beautiful lakes in Udaipur. From here, the ’Arabian nights’ fantasy can be extended to magical Jaisalmer – a yellow city with every building radiating the colour of the sun. Every dream of’ riding a camel or seeing a tiger stalking in the distance will come to life in glorious Rajasthan.
The Timeless Gangasource by india-tourism.com

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