Kamis, 01 November 2007

The Magic Around Mumbai (Bombay)

There is so much choice and so many wonders to see around Mumbai (Bombay). Northwest lies Gujarat, the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation. The region is famous for exclusive garments and hand made silk saris, and for being the last refuge of the Asian lions, found deep in the Gir Forest. Join in with the village people in their brightly coloured costume rejoicing in one of the many festivals and fairs that abound in this state.

Ahmedabad, the principal textile city of the country, is well known for the Sabarmati Ashram founded by Mahatma Gandhi, where his ideals of peace and non-violence are still promoted; visitors are welcome. As Jawaharlal Nehru observed, this great man of indomitable spirit was certainly ’not of the common clay that all of us are made of. Mahatma Gandhi’s birthplace can be seen at the fishing village of Porbandar. A greater and even more ancient wonder awaits east of Mumbai (Bombay) in Maharashtra, where the thirty Buddhist caves at Ajanta which are cut into the steep face of a deep rock gorge sit in silent contemplation. Feel the aura and power left behind by the Buddhist monks living 2000 years ago.

Compare them with the dynamism and energy radiating from the huge Hindu caves in nearby Ellora. Imagine the workers carving a way at solid rock on the hillside to form the thirty-four Hindu, Buddhist and Jain Caves with the stories of their religions and beliefs etched onto the walls. Stay at one of the cool and relaxing hill stations such as Matheran or Mahabaleshwar, popular with the inhabitants of Mumbai (Bombay). Take an evening stroll around the peaceful Bund Gardens in pleasant and airy Pune. All these adventures will entertain and fascinate in the magic and beauty around Mumbai (Bombay).

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