Kamis, 01 November 2007

Chinatown Heritage Centre

The Chinese Heritage Centre (CHC) was founded in 1995 to advance knowledge and understanding of the Chinese Overseas communities in different parts of the world. It is housed in the historic Administration Block of the former Nanyang University, a landmark establishment as the first and only Chinese university outside China, founded by the Chinese overseas.Visitors will find it pleasant to simply admire the unique architecture of this 1950s building, now a National Monument, or take a stroll in the Yunnan Garden or by the Nantah Lake, right beside the Centre.

The Chinese outside China are heterogeneous. The Exhibition: Chinese More or Less at the Chinese Heritage Centre addresses this diversity and poses the question of whether “Chinese-ness” can be quantified.
Through the exhibits in seven different galleries which illustrate Chinese in different parts of the world and across generations, the Exhibition explores what it has meant, at different times, to be defined as Chinese – by oneself, by other Chinese, and by people other than Chinese – and how the defining of “Chinese” has moved beyond simple categorization.


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