Kamis, 01 November 2007

Goa - Sun, Sand and Sea

Relax and experience the idyllic peace that only India can give in sunny Goa. If you have ever dreamt of a warm land of space and light, where the beaches stretch for silvery miles, where the glittering sea always beckons you, where the people are always smiling, where the succulent juice from a bite of ripe pineapples or papaya drips on your hot skin as you luxuriate lazily on the white sand, then Goa, a fascinating blend of Latin and Indian cultures, will be a place where the wish to linger will be overpowering.

Decide when to sit in the shade under the palm trees sipping the feni, or lemonade, or when to return to the hot sand to deepen your tan, or when to swim in the cool refreshing water. What a problem.

As well as being a place for relaxation, Goa is also lively and modern, with many westernstyle entertainments. there is a choice of luxurious hotels with plenty of night life, or simplicity and tranquillity in one of the inexpensive, clean and comfortable rooms with their own charm, right on the beach. The Portuguese influenced food is mouthwatering. Choose massive fish steaks fresh from the sea or a wide and delicious choice of both continental and Indian dishes. Panaji, the capital, is an easy-going town with Portuguese styled cafes, whitewashed churches and overhanging balconies; a delight after your journey. 0ld Goa, east of Panaji, was once the capital of the eastern Portuguese Empire. Now, it is little more than a fascinating small village surrounded by huge convents and churches dedicated to the zeal of Christianity, including the Convent and Church of St. Francis of Assisi and the famous Basilica of Bom Jesus. The mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier, who spread Christianity among the subjects of the Portuguese colonies, are entombed here. Which beach to choose from along the 100km long coastline of silvery sand. Possibly Colva with its warm turquoise sea and fishermen hauling in their nets by hand in the clear morning light as they chant an ancient sea song; or maybe sophisticated Aguada, with its jet-set beach and sixteenth century fort. Try the experience of a full-moon party at Anjuna, or mingle with the variety of people in Calangute selling handicrafts, jewellery and modern fabrics. Enjoy the old Portuguese fort in Chapora, surrounded by secluded and sandy beaches and dense green coconut palms. Visit all the beaches or just adopt one and make it your home. Wild boar and sambar in their natural habitat in the hills of the Western Ghats can be seen in Bondla, one of the Goan wildlife sanctuaries. In addition, the region is justly famous for its many colourful festivals, including Mardi Gras, celebrated with Christian fervour.

There are so many delights in Western India and so many glorious choices; from the vibrant life of commercial Mumbai (Bombay) to the home of the indomitable Mahatma Gandhi then down to the peace and magic of sunny Goa - the choice is yours.

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