Jumat, 16 November 2007


Sumbawa is a large island to the east of Bali and Lombok. It is part of West Nusa Tenggara province along with Lombok. There are hundreds of small islands in this area in addition to the two major islands. Sumbawa really belongs more to Eastern Indonesia than to the western part of the archipelago. The effects of Hindu and Buddhist cultures are minimal in Sumbawa (although there is a Balinese presence along the northern coastal area), and although the island is predominantly Muslim, the role of traditional culture is still very strong.

The slogan of Sumbawa Regency is: "B E S A R" which stands for BERSIH, ELOK, SEHAT, AMAN DAN, RAPI, (Clean, Beautiful, Healthy, Safe, and Proper). The regional government's official website notes that Sumbawa still lacks sufficient medical facilities to support public health, in particular a lack of doctors and other health professionals. A public health center was recently opened in Sekongkang, but adequate treatment for a serious illness or accident requires a trip to Sumbawa Besar or Mataram, both of which require a journey of at least four hours minimum.

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