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On the southeast Coast around 25 minutes from the airport is the site of Bali’s first luxury hotel, the multi-storied Grand Bali Beach.

Thankfully a later law prohibiting buildings higher than palm tree level has kept the Bali skyline much as it was before the tourist boom. A white sand beach sheltered by the reef, Sanur probably has the safest swimming on the island and is also good for windsurfing and sailing. You'll also find a wide variety of restaurants in the hotels, good outside eating and several interesting pubs.

Sanur has retained its village atmosphere and tends to attract a more mature clientele and families, with most younger people preferring to stay in Kuta. Oddly enough though, Sanur also hosts the island’s red-light district, hidden in alleyways away from the hotel area!

Sanur can be divided into 4 sub-districts:

1) The Grand Bali Beach Area

2) SINAHU - A classy area with good hotels on the beach, a boardwalk, an art market and good eating.

3) BATUJIMBA - Mainly villas belonging to the Indonesian elite and expatriates.

4) SENAWANG - South from the Bali Hyatt. Home to some pricey restaurants and the seedy red-light district.

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