Sabtu, 05 Juli 2008

Pringapus Tample

A. Description

Pringapus Tample is replace in Pringapus village, Ngadirejo sub- district, Temanggung regency, Central Java province. It was built in a land of 30 length and 20 width. Condition of the building is complete, except at their roof. This temple is facing in the east and has one room with a nandi statue inside. The outside wall of this temple is decorated with figure such as Godless or God and floral motive.

B. History of Research

Pringapus temple was mentioned for the firs time by N.W Hoepermans in ROD 1913. Hoepermans described that this temple has one room with a nandi statue inside. This temple has not nice for the statue, but is has various ornaments.

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